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Quality is a defining value at Target and Jima. We take great pride in the high quality standards we maintain. Right from designing the master quality plan to scheduling regular inspections, our quality system leaves nothing to chance. Every employee takes personal responsibility to safeguard the company’s reputation for uncompromising quality.

Our people are our greatest asset and we are committed to provide them with a safe and hazard-free work environment. We aim for zero accidents and have implemented a wide range of measures to accomplish that. Special efforts are made to increase awareness among employees and subcontractors, while our team at each site closely monitors the complete implementation of safety procedures. We are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment and have fail proof systems in place to prevent pollution and preserve our surroundings.

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DMS 145103 – Deira Islands Development – Island B – Roads & Utilities

The Deira Islands Development - Island B is a man-made island with a total approximate areaof 3.0 million square meter and the access to the Island will be through Al Khaleej Road.The project area is located in the Emirate of Dubai of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf infront of the Dubai Coastline, Deira Area

This package includes construction activities and consists of constructing Roads Network with Total approximate length of 17 km in addition to the Utilities Network to serve a mixed use Development which includes Residential, Retails, Hotel, Mall, Beach Resorts and Community Facilities


Client: Palm Deira LLC(Nakheel PJSC)

Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club, Dubailand – TSE Main and Connection Works

Execute and Complete the TSE Main & Connection from the existing TSE transmission main

Client: Al Habtoor Group LLC

DMS 138823 - Al Furjan Infrastructure Works Packages 8,9 & 10 - Phase2

The project is a residential development near Jebel Ali located between Sheikh Zayed and Mohammmed Bin Zayed Road, adjacent to the Discovery Gardens Community and it is accessible from Al Yalais Street and Al Asayel Street

The Project provides the execution of the infrastructure services but not limited to Earthworks, Road Works, Drainage Network, Sewer Network, Water Network, Irrigation Network, LV Power Distribution, 11KV Power Distribution, Street Lighting System, Telecommunication Network, Fire & Irrigation Pump House and Gas Network


Client: Nakheel PJSC
Consultant: M/s.ARIF & BINTOAK Consulting Architects & Engineers

The Development of Shamkha South Infrastructure (Lot 3), Abu Dhabi-UAE

“The DEVELOPMENT OF SHAMKHA SOUTH INFRASTRUCTURE WORKS” is a development spread over 4000 hectares which will provide over 12,000 new villas with retails, commercial and community facilities. Shamkha South project is designed to provide sustainable living communities. The newly design communities will have public amenities like parks, pedestrian friendly landscaped recreation areas, shopping and retail, mosques, hospitals, clinics, health clubs, schools, playgrounds, sports center and entertainment areas. A green belt winds its way throughout the master plan to connect various district parks with district centers and ultimately provide a link to the city center and larger central parks. The compounds will be linked to nearby neighbourhoods and the main highways.

The contact covers one complete lot. The tender set will include a number of housing sectors which are part of the phases for completion.The development area is approximately 4,000 Ha.

Client: Musanada(Abu Dhabi General Services Company PJSC)
Consultant: Mott MacDonald
Main Contractor: China State Construction Engrg. Corp. (M.E.) LLC,ARC Abu Dhabi Contracting LLC



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