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Our high standards of quality and our reputation for being on time, both depend on our excellent infrastructure. All site offices are equipped with the latest communication technology and software necessary for the successful management and completion of the project. Efficient on-site facilities are provided for the workers to help them deliver their best performance.

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We recognize the difference the right kind of machinery can make to speed and efficiency of construction.  We have put together the latest and most sophisticated array of construction tools to deliver maximum results.  Our maintenance team closely monitors all equipments to make sure they perform to the best of their capacities day after day.


The accomplished team at Target and Jima comprises of over 1700 professionals. Our skilled technical staff and tradesmen, who exceed 350 in number, rank among the industry’s finest with their outstanding expertise and experience. At Target and Jima, we recruit the finest talent available to power our multi-faceted construction activities. We also encourage each team member to engage in continuous professional development.

Equipment & Vehicle

To deliver on all our commitments we have assembled an extensive fleet of equipment and vehicles that includes the latest and most advanced construction equipment. Our staff is provided with comprehensive training on these machines to ensure that we achieve maximum efficiency.


Target and Jima also maintains fully functional workshop facilities with exceptionally trained staff. This helps maintain our fleet as per the manufactures’ recommendations and enables servicing and repairs to be carried out in-house with limited downtime.


Target and Jima provides residential accommodation with the capacity to house over 800 people. The accommodation maintains the highest standards to meet the varied needs of the residents. The catering services are highly versatile and take into account the diverse cuisine preferences.  To encourage a healthy work-life balance the company also provides a variety of recreational facilities including sports and entertainment.


Phone: +971 4 3467800

Fax: +971 4 3467900